Green Innovation Fund Targets Farmers



Reading Greenwise Business this week, we’ve learnt of a new fund available to small and medium-sized enterprises that are shown to be pioneering solutions to some of the problems currently facing the country’s farming, from water resource efficiency, through to pest control.

The venture capital fund of an initial £9 million investment, called Agri-Innovation Venture Capital Fund, is an Anglo-Japanese venture and it’s the first of its kind in the UK. It is formed from a partnership between Norwich-based investment group, Adapt Low Carbon Group and Japanese commercial investment company, Tsukabu Technology See Co Ltd, two companies that have partnered since 2012.

The investments are aimed at agricultural projects that were previously struggling for support and funding and the cover includes water resource efficiency, which might include rainwater harvesting. It also includes precision farming and improved farm management; sustainable production systems; disease, weed and pest control for animal and crop production; and irrigation, lighting and sensors for protected and field-based agriculture, amongst other items.

If you progress with this funding and would like to learn more about water resource efficiency, including rainwater tanks, along with our extended range of plastic water tanks, vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks and cone bottom tanks (conical tanks), please click here to get in touch with a member of our team.

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