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Hako Sherpa S Series: electro transporters and electro tow tractors for tough everyday logistics


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The new electro transporters and electro tow tractors of the Hako Sherpa S range have been especially designed for logistics tasks – even under heavy duty application conditions. Powerful drive motors with three phase current technology, a particularly robust chassis combined with a comfortable workplace offer all prerequisites for a long life and economical usage.

In the S Series there are currently two models available:
The Hako Sherpa S 8 is equipped as a transporter with a load area of 1,315 x 890 mm, suitable for a standard pallet with a useful load of up to 800 kg. In addition the Hako Sherpa S 8 can also still tow a trailer load of up to 2 t. With additional individual built-on attachments the electro transporter can be adapted for various application purposes and requirements.

The Hako Sherpa SX 60 serves for pure towing tasks with trailers; it can tow up to 6 t. Thee is also room for additional smaller loads on the 440 x 830 mm load area of the Hako Sherpa SX 60.
With an outer turning circle of only 2,085 mm the Hako Sherpa SX 60 is particularly manoeuvrable. For this machine Hako offers the corresponding axle-swivel steered standard trailers; in addition heavy load or special trailers can be manufactured at the customer’s request.

The suspension – on all three wheels in the case of the Hako Sherpa SX 60 or the front wheel for the Hako Sherpa S 8 respectively – ensures drive comfort and protects the driver and load, even on uneven surfaces.

The 5 kW powerful, low maintenance three phase current drive allows the Hako Sherpa S Series machines to accelerate to a maximum speed of up to 17 km/h; thus gradients of up to 20 % pose no problem.

An electric motor brake, which works free from wear and tear, brings the machines to a stop safely. In addition both models have a hydraulic working brake on all wheels (for the Hako Sherpa S 8 with front wheel brake as an option).

A large choice of seats, the steering column, which can be adjusted in 5 stages and the simple operation give the driver a high level of comfort even when the working day is long. If the machines are to be used in outdoor applications then an optional cover provides protection against the weather. Furthermore road licensing is possible for both machines.

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