Happy New Year – But What Does 2015 Hold For UK Farming?



As UK farming welcomes in a new year, what does 2015 hold for the broader industry and what trends can we expect to see unfold? The Western Daily Express details how, as the rest of us welcome in a new year, the UK’s farmers will have little to look forward to, based on present situations.

According to Hugh Townsend from Devon-based Townsend Chartered Surveyors, the two biggest problems affecting what otherwise would be a steady farming industry are the instability in Eastern Europe and Russian and the low price of oil. If Russia has problems, then the UK could experience a reversal and a closing down of trade, reversing gains into expanding markets that have been increasing agricultural trade. The current low oil prices could be interpreted as a double-edged sword too. Cheaper oil cuts the costs of running a farm, impacting not just the price of fuel, but many agri-chemicals, including liquid fertiliser too. Trading nations buying UK agricultural products might find themselves unable to do so as they are hit with falling oil prices.

The Western Daily Express elaborated on the Russian crisis and detailed how a Cheddar cheese maker from Somerset was just beginning to break into the Russian market, yet as tit-for-tat sanctions continue to be exchanged between Russia and the EU, the company’s position in Russia is beginning to degrade.

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