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Knowsley Bin Boxes huge success

01/06/2014 -- Oasis BinLoc - Bin Boxes have been a large success within the Prescot area. The product was featured in the monthly Knowsley Living magazine. The new and innovative solution has given a neat and tidy look to the area around Hughes Avenue and also Thomas Drive. They have also helped improve security and reduce potential risks in the area.  

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Wheelie Bins have been given a 'hedgy' look thanks to an innovative new solution. 

This cutting 'hedge' new product comprises of four Oasis Bin Boxes which are designs to look like hedges and make the area where bins are stored look neat and tidy. Issues around how untidy the old bin areas looked arose because residents used to store their waste bins in the front of the block up against the windows of the downstairs flats, which made the area untidy and was also a potential fire and health hazard. 

Thanks to this new and innovative solution these areas are now neat and tidy with improved safety. 

This scheme has been piloted in Hughes Avenue and also Thomas Drive in Prescot using Oasis BinLoc who designed and created this new product. 

We will be looking to roll out the design to the other flats in the surrounding area. 

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