High level panel: `The Global Rush for Water and Land`


Investment in agricultural land by international actors has increased dramatically in recent years. The food price crisis in 2008, initiated by droughts in grain-producing parts of the

world, triggered an international rush for farmland, primarily in Africa and Latin America. The effects on local development and land rights were rapidly brought to global attention. However, there has been a surprising silence on one fundamental aspect of this rush; the water that is needed for agricultural production on the acquired land. It seems that water is forgotten in all attempts to guide the international community on how to deal with the crucial issue of land acquisitions.

This is why the High Level Panel at this year's World Water Week in Stockholm, will address 'The Global Rush for Water and Land'.

At the High Level panel you will have the opportunity to engage in active discussion with representatives from investors, governments, academia and civil society.

A crucial question is whether the global rush for water and land will lead to a more water and food secure world, or the other way around? Are the investments increasing productivity and development or exploiting human and natural resources?

How are the effects trickling down locally and globally and for whom? Will land and water deals change the transboundary hydro-political relations between countries, and if so in what direction? Will the global rush stimulate conflicts or cooperation and what role will water play?

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