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Highlights from the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference


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Experts, researchers, medical practitioners, and policymakers joined the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference event in Portland, OR USA to advance the cannabis industry. Dr. Sara Azari, one of our Application Engineers, represented Sterlitech and had her hands full with the numerous parallel sessions and hundreds of exhibitors in the event, with tracks about the analytical, medical, and cultivation of cannabis.

The conference emphasized customer concern and focused on the future of identifying counterfeit cannabis products, analysis of pesticides in cannabis matrices, and the role of science in regulating the cannabis industry. ASTM International, thru their Committee D37, also discussed the development of consensus standards for cannabis, and its products and processes.

As legal cannabis steadily enters the mainstream market, regulations will follow to ensure the availability of safe and effective extracts and products for the consumers. Aligned with this prospect, Sterlitech has been working on building solutions for cannabis extract purification since its legalization.

Sterlitech provides a range of solutions for the conventional extraction method, covering the process of solvent extraction, winterization, filtration, up to solvent recovery. Our solvent-resistant FiltersHDPE CarboysBotanical Filtration Kits, and RotaVaps are suited to withstand these procedures. As a more recently introduced technology, the Organic Solvent Nanofiltration uses DuraMem™ membranes to concentrate and remove color from extracts in fewer steps, while still preserving THC and CBD. This method can simplify the conventional cannabis extraction process, ultimately saving time and money.

To know more, you can explore our complete solutions at Cannabis Extraction. You can also check our Cannabis Extraction Resource for a comprehensive explanation of cannabis extraction processes. For further assistance, you may contact one of our Sales Engineers through 1-877-844-4420.

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