Hip Hip Hooray from your friends and fans Down-Under GaBi is 25!


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I first met the birthday child 15 years ago in her home town in Stuttgart, Germany. GaBi was still quite young and temperamental! We did have our moments… but she helped me to successfully finish my PhD in Munich. She came to Surrey University just after I left, but a couple of years later we met again in New Zealand and have been quite close since.

GaBi has grown up and expanded her experience a lot, but luckily she has kept her principles of being easy to use and being playful. That means that even though I don’t spend much time with her these days, I still find my way around her processes and plans!

Happy Birthday GaBi!


Happy 25th Birthday GaBi! Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Wishing you all the best for a bright future in all aspects of your future life cycles. May you realise all your goals, expand your system boundaries and see your unit processes and inventories flourish.

Darryl Stuckey, Sustainability Analyst, Lend Lease

Like all the great movie starlets you just keep getting better with age! Happy Birthday GaBi!

Andrew Moore, Life Cycle Logic

Congratulations for GaBi’s 25th Birthday! Keep up your work in Advancing Software Development in LCA and LCSA! GaBi’s user-friendliness and support is the best!

Anthony Halog, School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Management

The University of Queensland

Dear GaBi, congratulations on your 25th birthday. Enjoy your birthday party and we are looking forward to the next 25 years. All the best.

The team from URS in Wellington


Simon Lockrey, Centre for Design and Society, RMIT

Happy quarter of a century GaBi!

All the best from Enda and all at RMIT University

Enda Crossin, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University

Nice to meet you this year GaBi. Have a great 25th birthday!

Queenie Hon, Fletcher Building and Auckland University

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