How Next Government Can Boost Farming – Vertical Storage Tanks and More



According to Farming UK this week, The Crop Protection Association (CPA) is discussing how the next UK government can boost its agricultural production at its Annual Conference on the 15th May. With just one year to go before the next general election, representatives from all three major parties will outline policies and approaches that they believe the next government should take to support productive agriculture in the UK and to meet the challenges of food security in the coming decades.

Nick von Westenholz, the CEO of the CPA commented; “There is widespread recognition of the scale of the global food security challenge. The world’s population is set to exceed 9 billion by 2050, and with farmland, water and energy resources in limited supply, we must find new ways to produce more food from less”.

Always helping farmers to make savings and utilise limited resources more effectively, our range of storage tanks includes rainwater tanks to enable farmers to store large volumes of free rainwater for when needed. In addition, we supply cone bottom tanks that have multiple uses, from wine and beer production, to the application of vertical storage tanks for storing liquid fertiliser, molasses, chemicals and diesel.

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