Humidifier Scale a thing of the past in the Chicken Farm


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Hunter Farms in Sparta Tennessee raises 7,500 chickens at a time for Perdue chickens. It has been in the Hunter Family for the past 3 Generations.

Hunter Farms decided to install a Scaletron non chemical scale inhibitor  manufactured by Fluid Dynamics on the inlet to their water system.. the conclusion of the owners ' Thank you for bringing this amazing product to our attention'

Scaling of Humidifiers used to be a big problem causing inefficiency and also costing money.  It has been eliminated.

Scaling of the drinking heads was also a big problem and scale that had previously built up on the drip heads has simply disappeared. Reducing maintenance and ensuring the chickens had a steady flow of water 

Scaletron is simply installed on the feed line to the water system .. Fluid Dynamics has more than 250,000 units installed on water systems throughout the world .. preventing scaling and saving energy without the use of chemicals

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