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ICGA Leaders Call To Action on the EPA Ethanol Proposal


Source: Iowa Corn Growers Association

Johnston -- Two Iowa Corn Growers Association leaders hosted a media conference call this morning to address the EPA proposal to decrease ethanol and to talk about upcoming opportunities for submitting comments to the EPA.

“One of the real concerns going forward is corn is $2.75-$3.00 lower than one year ago. I just brought my son back to the farming operation and this feels like when I started farming in the early 80’s,” Roger Zylstra, Iowa Corn Growers Association President and a farmer from Lynnville stressed on the call.
In November, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposed lowering of the renewable volume obligation (RVO) from the annual target of 14.4 billion gallons to 13 billion gallons. According to a study from Louisiana State University, the impact could cause a 5.7 cent increase in fuel prices and hit farmers with an additional dip of about 19 cents per bushel.
Mark Recker, a farmer from Northeast Iowa and the chair of Iowa Corn committee that promotes ethanol said, “I started farming in the 90s and I have not seen anything impact me more than ethanol. This isn’t just about farmers like me, this is about implement dealers, gas stations, banks, and schools. We are all interconnected in this issue and we need to tell the EPA not to change our current RFS. It is working.”

A couple upcoming opportunities to submit comments include the Hearing in the Heartland hosted by Iowa Governor Branstad and Lt Governor Reynolds on January 23. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) tele-town hall meeting tonight with leaders from NCGA, NASCAR, and veterans from VoteVets. To date, 856 comments have been submitted through the Iowa Corn In addition, Iowa Corn leaders announced that later this week, a third party study is set to release supporting the current blend levels and breaking down the mystical E10 blend wall.
“Ethanol makes sense for America moving forward,” said Zylstra. “The EPA proposal doesn’t.”

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