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Inaugural Session of the UN Environment Assembly : UNEP Global Media Roundtable 2014

Key and Emerging Environmental Issues in the Context of the SDGs and the Post-2015 Environment Agenda- with Special Focus on SCP - Nairobi - Kenya, from 23 to 27 June 2014

Since 2010, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has organized a series of over 13 international media workshops, trainings and roundtables that focus on key and emerging environmental issues under the title: Reporting Green. Events took place in Nairobi, Bali, Bandung, Delhi, Hyderabad, Durban, Leverkusen and Beijing.

To date, 700 journalists representing major media and international wires from over 40 countries have participated.


  • To advance public understanding of environmental issues by improving the quality, accuracy, visibility and relevance of environmental reporting.
  • To streamline green reporting beyond the 'genre' and towards a 'standard' whereby the environmental dimension is taken into account when reporting on social, developmental, economic, political and security issues.
  • To help build, expand and strengthen a community of practice.

Target groups

Mid-career journalists with a powerful 'voice' and significant reach from diverse geographic and technical backgrounds constitute a primary target. Pending the availability of funds, young journalists and journalism students may also be considered. Senior journalists are often invited as moderators and/or speakers.


The Media Round-table will enable direct interaction between journalists, experts, policy makers and multiple stakeholders on issues that make up the world's environmental and sustainable development agenda.

The Round-table is made up of several 45-minute interactive sessions, each lead by a multi-stakeholder panel of international experts providing full access to the latest science and policy information on current and emerging issues.

Key Sessions for the 2014 media roundtable will include:

  • The Environment in the Post-2015 development agenda
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production : Towards the development of SCP Indicators
  • Financing the Green Economy
  • The illicit trade in wildlife and timber
  • Towards the Sustainable management of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Environment and the rule of law
  • Building resilience in SIDS through Green Economy
  • Green Economy in a Blue World: Key and emerging issues in the marine environment
  • The new economics of forests and REDD+
  • Global Wildlife Watch

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