Industrial Aquaculture


Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector within food production and with its 60 million tonne annual production is now nearly supplying half of all seafood consumed worldwide.

FAO has estimated that aquaculture production will contribute with another 40 million tonne by 2030 to cover the world's protein needs. It is acknowledged that recirculation technology will play an important role in the sustainable development of future aquaculture produce. In fact in many parts of the world it will be the only acceptable form of production mode with the rising environmental awareness.

It is essential in future aquaculture planning that a large scale industrial approach is adopted to enable a cost-effective and competitive production in line with what has happened in the pig and poultry sectors.

With the large investments involved in large-scale production, it is imperative to choose a technology that is associated with safety and stability. It is also imperative to choose a technology that is energy efficient.

The Interaqua Advance's Clearwater Low Space Moving Bed Bio Reactor is the first real breakthrough in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems.

Apart from lower economy and better water quality, it has meant a much safer and more stable performance of any recirculation concept today. It is the ultimate solution for large scale aquaculture developments in that it safeguards the investments involved.

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