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INRA and Tereos sign a partnership agreement


INRA and Tereos signed a partnership agreement on Saturday February 21, 2015 during the Paris International Agricultural Show. The agreement, signed by François Houllier, INRA President and CEO, and Alexis Duval, CEO of the Tereos Group aims to facilitate the exchange of strategic information and increase research and development collaboration on key agricultural, industrial, environmental and nutritional issues. This five-year agreement covers three priority areas: precision agriculture and sustainable agriculture, animal and human nutrition; biobased chemistry and industrial biotechnology. The agreement extends the collaboration that already exists between INRA and Tereos on bilateral and collaborative research.

INRA and Tereos share a common vision of the challenges faced by major French agricultural and agrifood stakeholders; namely ensuring that agricultural production benefits from scientific and technical advances in order to meet the dual concern of higher yields and lower environmental impact, contributing to food safety and nutrition, and accelerating the development of biobased chemistry, while contributing to local development, improving farmers' income and safeguarding natural resources.
Innovation will be crucial to meeting these challenges both on national and international scales. Bolstered by their shared vision, Tereos and INRA have decided to pool their expertise.

The goal of this five-year agreement between INRA and Tereos is to organize exchanges and collaboration regarding strategic challenges which are of common interest, in particular:

  • Identifying priority goals and areas of interest
  • Accelerating the development of value-creating innovations in these areas
  • Facilitating the industrial development of these projects

INRA and Tereos have been collaborating for a number of years, both in France and around Europe, on projects such as Futurol, which aims to develop and market a holistic second-generation bioethanol production process, and ProBio3, which aims at converting carbon produced by agricultural waste into hydrocarbons. Tereos and INRA conduct R&D projects both jointly and bilaterally.

Finally, convinced that vegetable proteins will be of major importance to human nutrition, INRA and Tereos have joined forces to help create new applications and new markets for them. Their joint stake in IMPROVE, a shared innovation platform supported by France's Investments for the Future program, is one of the most significant illustrations of this belief.

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