ISO 9613-2 Calculations to be included in next OTL-Terrain Update


Our advanced calculations outdoor sound propagation software Olive Tree Lab -Terrain version 1.4 will be out soon and we will be including ISO calculations to facilitate engineers who have the need to comply with this ISO methodology. ISO 9613-2 calculations will be included in the next update. Update will take place automatically upon start up of Terrain.

In conjunction with our OTL-Terrain ISO release, we will also be presenting a paper titled “A comparison of ISO 9613 and advanced calculation methods using Olive Tree Lab-Terrain, an outdoor sound propagation software application: Predictions versus experimental results.' at the forthcoming meeting of the Institute of Acoustics on “Environmental Noise Propagation—Definitions, measuring and control aspects”  which will take place in London on  21st March.  We would be happy to demonstrate OTL-Terrain to those who are attending or set up a meeting during our stay in UK. If you would like us to set up a demonstration please contact us on


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