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Jan-Erik Enestam Elected Chairman of PEFC Finland


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PEFC Finland is pleased to announce the election of their new Chairman, Jan-Erik Enestam. Mr. Enestam was the Secretary General of the Nordic Council from 2007 and 2013, and has also held several ministerial posts in the government. Elected during the PEFC Finland autumn meeting in December last year, his term of office began at the start of 2014.

“What PEFC and the Nordic Council both have in common is that both organizations have identified the importance of sustainability,” said Mr. Enestam. “PEFC’s achievements are worth sharing as widely as possible, as sustainability concerns everybody, both here in Finland and throughout the rest of the world.”

Mr. Enestam is PEFC Finland’s fourth Chairman. Before the outgoing Chairman, Simo Jaakkola from the Trade Association of Finnish Forestry and Earth Moving Contractors, the previous chairmen were Ritva Toivonen, 2007-2012 (Forestry Development Centre, TAPIO) and Jari Parviainen, 2000-2006 (The Finnish Forest Research Institute).

Along with the election of the new Chairman, the autumn meeting also covered PEFC Finland’s action plans for 2014, including the revision of their forest management standard.

“In Finland, during 2013-2014, we are undergoing the third revision of our PEFC sustainability criteria,” commented Auvo Kaivola, Secretary General of PEFC Finland. “More than 40 organizations are participating in our working group and we are pleased that each revision engages more participants.”

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