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Jellyfish® Filter Receives Montgomery County Maryland Approval as a Stormwater Treatment Technology to Combat Chesapeake Bay`s Nutrient Load


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ROCKVILLE, MD, July 15, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- ImbriumTM Systems announced today that its innovative Jellyfish® Filter has been approved by the Montgomery County Maryland Department of Permitting Services to treat polluted stormwater runoff heading for the Chesapeake Bay.  Since introducing the Jellyfish Filter into the North American marketplace, the innovative membrane filtration system experienced a tremendous acceptance among environmentalists, civil engineers, environmental engineers and commercial developers who are committed to protecting North America's watersheds.

'Montgomery County Maryland has been a leader for over two decades in addressing stormwater pollution from a practical level using a variety of tools that account for water quality performance as well as maintenance. The Jellyfish Filter offers an important tool to protect the Chesapeake Bay Watershed from the ravages of sediment and nutrients - especially phosphorus and nitrogen.  Imbrium Systems is quite excited about this approval', stated Scott Perry, Imbrium Systems' Managing Director.

The Chesapeake Bay will need to shed 63 million pounds of nitrogen and 3.1 million pounds of phosphorus in order to reach a healthy stage, with a significant portion of that coming from the urban core which will be significantly redeveloped over the next several decades.  According to recent federal EPA estimates, the Chesapeake Bay can accommodate 187.4 million pounds of nitrogen and 12.5 million pounds of phosphorus washing off its watershed annually.

'Our rigorous TARP (Technical Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership) field testing has demonstrated that the Jellyfish Filter removes 85% TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 60% Total Phosphorus (TP) and 50% Total Nitrogen (TN).  We listened to the design and regulatory community and designed the Jellyfish Filter as a compact, high treatment rate membrane filter system that captures a significant pollutant load, with low cost maintenance requirements. Without a doubt, the Jellyfish Filter is the best performing Stormwater filter on the market in North America', stated Joel Garbon, Product Manager for Imbrium Systems.  Jellyfish Filter systems have been successfully installed across North America, including California, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, and Canada.

The typical Jellyfish Filter requires only 18-inches of 'head' or drop to fully operate the system.  In addition, Imbrium Systems' extensive field test performance indicates the advanced membrane filter captures fine sediment particles down to 2 microns at an industry leading 80-gpm treatment flow rate per standard cartridge, while continuing to operate successfully for years as a result of a built-in passive backwash.

'The Jellyfish Filter's lightweight cartridges weigh only 20 lbs. dry and 50 lbs. wet, and are back-washable, reusable and replaceable.  Thus, the system is very easy to maintain and cost effective. Conventional granular media cartridges in stormwater filter systems can weigh over 250 to 400 lbs. when wet, requiring heavy lifting equipment, while requiring significant time and labor during maintenance periods' added Joel Garbon, Product Manager.  'The Jellyfish Filter's passive backwash system extends the cartridge life and providing a low life-cycle cost technology - a tangible long-term benefit for the development community and other end users in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed', noted Garbon.

'Local jurisdictions expect easy inspection and cost-effective maintenance for the stormwater filtration systems they approve and the Jellyfish Filter easily exceeds that requirement', stated Garbon.  'The Jellyfish Filter is the essence of membrane technology as applied to stormwater treatment.  Clearly, the Jellyfish Filter is an innovative, breakthrough stormwater treatment technology that will significantly impact the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed', concluded Garbon. 

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Imbrium ( is a green-tech company that designs, develops manufactures and sells stormwater treatment technologies to protect water resources from pollutants. Imbrium has a strong record of environmental innovation in the industry as the creator of the Stormceptor® oil and sediment separator, the Jellyfish filter, Sorbtive®MEDIA and Sorbtive®FILTER.

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