Kick-off Eco-Innovation project WAVALUE


Source: Colsen International b.v.

In July 2012, the WAVALUE project is launched aiming at the investigation of innovative digestate treatment technologies. This European project is supported by the Eco-Innovation program. Colsen collaborates with Spanish partners: EKONEK, NEIKER and BLUE AGRO.

The research activities focus on processing of digestate with ‘spouted bed' techniques aiming at production of tailor-made N-P-K fertilizers. For this purpose a pilot plant will be built in Spain where solid and liquid digestate fractions will be processed as main raw materials. The feasibility study not only aims at integrating the technology in completely new installations, but also at the option to use the technique as an add-on for existing installations.

This technique allows us to close the nutrient cycle upon fermentation. Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium can be reworked to fertilizer, thus eliminating the need for digestate post treatment. Local markets can also be supplied with N-P-K fertilizers for which demand and revenue are the largest. After completion of the project in 2014, it is expected that this technique represents a strong alternative in Europe for the traditional digestate treatment as it is applied today.

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