Komptech buys rain forest as CO2 compensation


Source: Komptech

Komptech not only has “Technology for a better environment” in its slogan, it has also taken up the cause of sustainable action. For example, this year has seen the acquisition of one hectare of rain forest in Costa Rica to compensate for a part of the company’s carbon footprint.

Actions speak louder than words

Explaining the step, founder and CEO of Komptech GmbH Josef Heissenberger says, “We are looking to make a positive contribution towards the society of tomorrow”.

“As a manufacturer of machinery, we of course also need resources. It is therefore necessary to strive for as best a balance as possible”, he adds. To this end, a few weeks ago saw the company acquire a hectare of the Esquinas rain forest in Costa Rica. “The purpose is to contribute positively towards our carbon footprint”, continues Heissenberger. He is following up his words with real action. “Concrete steps must be taken - especially at a time when discussions are focused on the plausibility of the Kyoto Protocol and the inadequate outcome of the climate conference in Durban”.

“Environmental and climate protection affects us all”

In other respects, Komptech is also very considered as regards sustainability. For example, the company, that this year has already won the Styrian “Primus” business award in category “Stille Größe” (silent grandeur), dispatched a couple of machines to the region devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan for dealing with remnant material. Company founder Josef Heissenberger is also playing a very active role within the Austrian Biomass Association where he is campaigning strongly for the development of renewable energy sources.

“Environmental and climate protection affects us all” is Heissenberger‘s clear-cut stance on the issue.

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