Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches a new solution: YANG


Source: Lallemand Animal Nutrition

We are pleased to introduce our new solution for livestock producers and pet food application: YANG, the yeast association new generation*. An innovation born of Lallemand research and the expertise of our various divisions — such as oenology, animal and human nutrition — YANG is a synergistic alliance of specific strains of inactivated yeast.

YANG is a concentrate of defenses supporting animals during stressful and challenging conditions such as weaning, feed transitions, and sanitary challenges. YANG can be used in most feed production processes.

Not all the yeasts are equal!

The properties of yeast derivatives (products obtained from inactivated yeast cells) and their ability to :

  • Adhere to specific bacteria and
  • Modulate the immune system,

are well known in human and animal nutrition. A collaborative examination conducted with research institutes reinforced the fact that these properties are highly strain-dependent and linked to the yeast genome. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies applied for the first time in this area, Lallemand R&D teams have selected yeast strains (including Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cyberlindnera jadinii) with different and complementary properties and combined them in a unique formula: YANG.

Trials have been conducted in controlled facilities and in commercial farms showing beneficial effects in post-weaning piglets, calves, goats, shrimps and fish. Further trials are on-going in other animal species.

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