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Landcare groups rewarded for their efforts


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19 landcare groups around the country can rest assured that their projects will go ahead after being awarded more than $50 000 in total by the Transpower Landcare Trust Grants Programme.

Grants awarded in the latest funding round ranged from $1000 to $5000, with the majority of successful applicants focusing on landcare, and others on pest control and integrated catchment management issues. The Programme received applications totalling over $140,000 this round. 

Applicants in the Waikato region were especially successful, receiving

$13 000 for six projects. Projects in the Canterbury and Bay of Plenty regions each received just over $6000, while a single Wellington project was awarded $4000. Projects in the Otago, Northland, Auckland, Tasman and Marlborough regions were also awarded funding by the Grants Programme.

The Transpower Landcare Trust Grants Programme awards $100 000 annually to non-profit, community groups for projects that enhance sustainable land management or biodiversity on private rural land.  

CEO Don Ross says the Grants Programme has been instrumental in the establishment and support of more than 250 groups around New Zealand who are or have completed community-led initiatives.  “In recent months, political announcements and agri-business activities are demonstrating that there is a much more focused view on sustainability than anytime over the last decade” says Don Ross.  “People’s attitudes and behaviours are changing rapidly, as are tolerance levels to unsustainable practices.  The Transpower Landcare Trust Grants are a leading national advocate in the sea-change taking place.”


The Hikuai-Wharekawa Community Possum Control Scheme was awarded $1000 to set up a sustainable boundary control programme with over 400 bait stations. They are keen to keep possum numbers at very low levels to allow pasture and bush to flourish and so allow native birds to return to the area.

Moehau Landcare Group received $1500 towards their Waikawau Bay Wetlands and Salt Marsh Restoration Project. They will use the funds to remove as many rodents as possible and keep rodent numbers low and to support viable populations of endangered marsh bird species.

New Progress Enterprises Charitable Trust is in the process of creating an ecological corridor from the Hakarimata Range and the Waikato River to a proposed regional park. The $2500 they were awarded will help to fund the reintegration of native wildlife and fish life in the local rivers and lakes.

Thames Coast Kiwi Care want to implement a predator control plan, traps and servicing of these to control kiwi predators and so enhance the kiwi population. They also aim to encourage local interest in and appreciation of kiwi, and play an educational role, including dog control. They were awarded $2000 towards their project.

Waikato River Care was thrilled to receive $5000 to restore riparian vegetation along the Waikato River adjacent to Horahora Marae, Rangiriri. They plan to enhance the banks of the river with predominantly native plants. They say the site chosen lends itself to planting an area that will have community involvement in the activities and also create a sense of community ownership and pride.

Waitetuna Streamcare Group is also carrying a riparian project and received $1000 to assist them in stabilizing the banks of the Waitetuna Stream. This will reduce erosion and sediment which is entering Whaingaroa Harbour. The riparian zone will be promoted as an example to other farmers in the area. They will create a corridor of native vegetation along Waitetuna Stream to link existing native bush remnants and in doing so also enhance native biodiversity.

Bay of Plenty

Welcome Bay Catchment Care Group was funded $2150 towards the work they do to manage the spread of mangroves in their estuary in line with resource consent terms aimed at delivering cleaner water to the estuary and the bay. They will use the money to buy a special mower used to cut off the tops of mangroves seedlings.

Kaitemako Environmental Protection Group started a landcare project three years ago and has been awarded $3000 to continue this valuable work which involved clearing land and planting trees, enhancing biodiversity in the area. They hope to get their local community involved.

Manawahe Eco Trust  were the recipients of $3000 for their mustelids control project which will provide additional protection to vulnerable native birds, including kokako and kereru, over the nesting season.

Tanners Point-Athenree Harbourcare Group wants to conserve and improve their area for future generations. Their grant of $1625 will assist them in harbourcare and restoration. They plan to organize working bees for the management of invasive plants on the riparian and harbour margins.


Mahinepua-Radar Hill Landcare Group received $2000 to protect and increase threatened species such as kiwi and kukupa. They aim to enhance the biodiversity of their area by eliminating predators that kills the birds and decimate the native bush.

Taurikura Ridge Possum Control Group has a longterm goal to improve and maintain native bird habitat through restoration of the forest canopy, and to regenerate native bush through pest control. They received a grant of $1500 to carry out possum control specifically.


Matakana Landcare Group is continuing their eradication of wild ginger with the help of a $1500 grant. This will allow native bush to regenerate naturally instead of being suffocated by wild ginger.


Tuamarina Landcare Group is in stage 2 of a project aimed at the riparian revegetation of Blind Creek. The goal is to prepare the site for plating a further 1000 trees in 2007, and the overall outcome is the approximate replication of original native vegetation for recreational and educational use. They were awarded $2790.


Murchison Landcare Group has a mustelids trapping project which will benefit from a $1600 grant and allow them to reduce the numbers of mustelids, wasps and rats on various properties in order to protect birds and insects, and increase biodiversity.


Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust has been awarded $4000 to revegetate 12 ha of land inclusions donated by surrounding landowners. They want to return the land inclusions to native bush which will compliment that in the adjacent reserve.


Pahau Enhancement Group received $5000 towards managing water quality on irrigated properties in the Pahau catchment. They aim to develop best management practices for wipe-off water from border-dyke irrigated properties to assist properties in the catchment to make informed decisions.

Rangitata Gorge Landcare Group are continuing a vegetation monitoring programme that will provide farmers with information on now their farm management is affecting grasslands. They were granted $1350 for this work.


Bellview Farm Trust wants to tidy up the waterways in their area by removing willows and establishing a native bush area. They aim to get farming practices away from waterways, involve students in environmental education, develop knowledge and an appreciation of native plants and the history of the land, to see ongoing progress with plantings and to create a sanctuary for birds. They received $2500 to help them realize their goals.

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