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Leckie Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Goes Green!


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A group of students, teachers and volunteers joined together for a community building project in Washington, D.C. They met at the M.V Leckie Elementary School where they set out to build wooden planter boxes for their newly donated Green Living Fences.

The living walls were used just weeks earlier at the International Greenbuild Conference and Expo put on by the USGBC. Instead of increasing the carbon footprint by shipping these products back to the greenhouse, a more environmentally friendly proposal was to find a closer home for the fences.

Many reports and studies have proven that living walls have multiple positive effects on building occupants by increasing productivity, improving air quality, reducing stress levels, improving cognitive function and even increasing creativity.

The students and volunteers teamed up to build the planter boxes and plant their new Green Living Fences. As Leckie Elementary School Principal Atasha James explains, “Installing the living walls brought life and better air into our school.”

The school was thrilled with the donation of the Green Living Fences and now enjoys a healthier, better performing classroom setting.

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