Let the water flow


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This Christmas season, we are supporting the project “Let the water flow” conducted by “Bread for the World” by sending seasonal greetings via e-mail instead of printed Christmas cards. This initiative reduces costs and saves resources.

For years the people of Konso fought in vain against the drought in the southern part of their country. But with some help they could install an irrigation system and are now free from their plight and harness thousands of hectares of land from the dry bush. From a mile-long network of irrigation canals, about 100,000 people will soon have enough to eat, from a reliable source. Coping with limited resources and sustaining business growth and success is also the topic of our upcoming Symposium in February.

Read more about the watering project in Ethiopia, Africa here.

We wish you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and successful NEW YEAR.

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