Liquid Fertiliser tanks part of Scottish farmers fertiliser placement increase



Farming UK reports that Scottish farmers are moving back to fertiliser placement. Arable farmers across Scotland seem to be changing back to combination drilling due to better crop establishment, enhanced plant nutrition, improved fertiliser placement and reduced inputs.

The fertiliser placement option is proving most relevant to farmers in the East of Scotland as it allows them to quickly sow spring barley direct into stubble fields without losing moisture or soil structure. The area between the seeded strips remains undisturbed, so that the drill can accurately place fertiliser within the seeding zone, thus ensuring nutrients are located exactly where the plant needs them.

This better utilisation of fertiliser offers potential savings, as too does storing fertilizer in large, high quality and dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks. Available from Enduramaxx in sizes up to 30,000 litres, cost savings from bulk buying come into play and as the tanks are made of durable UV stabilised polyethylene, the contents will be kept safe and in optimum condition for long periods of time.

To learn more about Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks, and our broader range of tanks which includes; baffled water tanks, cone tanks, potable water tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks and vertical rainwater tanks, get in touch now!

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