Liquid Fertilizer Costs to Rise – Bulk Buy and Consider Large Liquid Fertiliser Tanks



If you’ve read Farming Week this week, then you’ll be aware that it’s not good news for users of liquid fertilizer. Prices are set to rise somewhat over the coming months as the new crop returns remain sufficient to sustain global demand.

Although prices seem relatively high at present, speaking to Farming Week, Openfield national fertiliser manager, Graham Colledge commented; “…when one considered in relation to the forward price of wheat for next harvest, today’s fertiliser prices look realistic”. So now is the time to buy fertiliser ahead of the expected price rises, and buying in bulk is going to save money, as well as labour resources in mixing various batches.

The key to benefiting from bulk buying liquid fertilizer now is storing the product safely and for just this purpose Enduramaxx provides farmers with a range of dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks. Available in sizes up to a huge 30,000 litres, mixed liquid fertilizer is kept at optimum condition thanks to a very rugged, ribbed, single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene. Our liquid fertiliser tanks are translucent so that the liquid level can be easily gauged and they come with moulded lugs in the roof for easy lifting when empty that can also be used as tie-down points.

To discuss storing liquid fertilizer and to find out more about Enduramaxx liquid fertilizer tanks, as well as our extended range of plastic water tanks, rainwater tanks, cone bottom tanks and molasses tanks, please get in touch.

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