Membership of Workbodies – Invitation for Nominations


Source: Irrigation Australia Limited

ICID workbodies play a key role in identifying improved practices in its core areas of irrigation, drainage, and flood management and promoting them through National Committees. Presently, ICID has 27 workbodies (permanent committees, working groups, and task forces) which currently are represented by over 220 professionals from amongst the active member countries across the world.

All the National Committees are invited to nominate their professionals / experts for the membership for a concerned workbody according to their relevant expertise so as to contribute effectively to its activities. While nominating the experts, National Committees may like to assure that the nominee is able to devote sufficient time to the Workbody activities at least for the next three years. Nominations received from National Committees will be reviewed at the respective workbody meetings to be held in Mardin, Turkey in October 2013. Proposal may also be sent for replacement of existing members, if any. While nominating, please keep in mind ICID By-law 3.6.

If you are interested in nominating, please send your  curriculum vitae, contact coordinates (postal address, e-mail, contact telephone/ cell no) along with letters of assurance of active participation to IAL support office ( preferably by 1st July 2013.  IAL will then forward to ICID for consideration.  It is desirable that the nominated member attends the concerned workbody meeting to be held at Mardin, Turkey.

Celebrating 64 years of ICID

In a few days from now, ICID will be entering into 64th year of its establishment on 24th June 2013. Surely it is a matter of great pride for ICID fraternity spread across the globe to remember and celebrate the ICID Foundation Day.  

With this communication, we encourage all National Committees to organize events to celebrate the 64th ICID Foundation Day. We shall appreciate if you could organize a variety of events like scientific/ professional meetings,  brain storming sessions, essay & drawing competitions to create awareness about the current water and food security related issues, field trips etc.

If you are holding an event on this day, please let IAL know and we’ll forward to ICID for inclusion in their magazine and eBulletin.

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