Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!


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Learning is a life-long process, but in some countries not everybody achieves the minimal education to cope with the challenges of daily life. Being able to read, write and calculate budgets provides individuals with the opportunity to understand the instructions for using seed and fertilizers, avoid signing misleading contracts with money-lenders, and to open a bank account.

According to World Bank statistics, around five million children in India below the age of fourteen are unable to attend school and almost four out of ten adults cannot read or write.

This Christmas season, we are supporting the project “Learn under the open sky” conducted by “Bread for the World” by sending seasonal greetings via e-mail instead of printed Christmas cards. This initiative reduces costs and saves resources. The money conserved in this way is donated to these children and young adults who are highly motivated to learn and to improve their and their family´s lives.

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