Microbial Discovery Group Announces Continued Expansion for 2014


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Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) announces continued expansion to meet demand for new opportunities for microbial based products and solutions. MDG Founder, Michael King, Ph.D. stated that Microbial Discovery Group is adding a second laboratory and expansion of the MDG facilities and work-spaces to double the number of possible employees and accelerate the rate of technology development.

King further explained the need for expansion. “In 2013, MDG doubled fermentation output through additional downstream processing capabilities including the development of new proprietary freeze drying technologies and centrifugation capacity. As we continue to invest for growth, MDG’s research group is united around a passion for seeking answers to today’s most complex problems through the lens of innovation, experimentation and validation. This laboratory expansion will allow for additional specialization and is a critical path for accelerated development and growth”.

Microbial Discovery Group excels at both isolation of novel microbial strains that solve environmental concerns as well as progression through scale-up and large scale manufacturing.

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