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Mobile RM system produces CE certified final grain


Source: Rubble Master HMH GmbH

In a series of extensive tests, the Austrian RUBBLE MASTER sales subsidiary has confirmed the high grade of classified grain types in the processing of reject gravel, which can be obtained cost-effectively only with a RUBBLE MASTER machine combination.

The mobile RUBBLE MASTER system comprising the RM100 impact crusher and OS100 oversize grain separator with refeeding produces certified matrix stone in standardised grain sizes in a closed loop with high throughput and throughput continuity.

Matrix stone refers to grain on which over 50% of the surface area has been broken/crushed. The definition of grain quality is extremely important for application possibilities and yield, because only matrix stone can be compacted and is then stable, with excellent load-bearing properties, planeness and water permeability. Two grain sizes were produced here using gravel pit material: 0/22 mm and 0/32 mm, as you would usually find in road building.

Thanks to the optimised crusher geometry – developed by HMH – you can adjust the impact plate to the final grain size, according to the required application. The dimensions of the crusher – in particular the ratio of the rotor to the crusher chamber – are crucial. This has seen the Austrian mechanical engineering specialists being able to offer their customers a decisive quality advantage for years: cubic final grain.

Additionally the variable rotor speed means you can adjust the screening curve: this results in either more sand in the final grain, if required, or a higher grit content. Special materials such as serrated impact plates and castings, developed continuously and in partnerships with well-known suppliers, ensure a higher initial crushing rate and minimise wear.

A high-performing crusher that delivers ready-to-use final grain – i.e. one that features a closed oversize grain system – is essential for the cost-effective production of classified final grain. And this is precisely what you get with the RUBBLE MASTER power pack: in this configuration the mobile, track-mounted impact crusher RM100 features the OS100 oversize grain separator. The OS100 is easily fitted to the crusher's discharge belt using quick-release levers, maintaining unrestricted movement of the crusher around the site.

The RM power pack is the most cost-effective solution for defined final grain: in just a single pass using just one loader, the feed material is crushed at maximum throughput and minimum wear to create high-value matrix stone. Regardless of whether the system is in travel mode or crusher mode, the operator handles all the functions via remote control – either from the digger or wheel loader. The machine combination can be transported with just one low-loader and is ready for operation within 20 minutes of arrival on site.

Four comb cascades screen the matrix stone from the crusher reliably to the defined grain size. The refeeding belt provides a closed-circuit system. Standards institutes have confirmed the outstanding matrix stone quality and the high performance of this system in numerous screening line analyses: the grain sizes produced lie within the screening line, with a standardised amount of oversize and undersize grain.

The value grain can then also be refined even further using the mobile RUBBLE MASTER screening technology in the TS3600 – for example to the standard grain sizes 0/4 mm, 4/8 mm, 8/16 mm and 16/32 mm – to make concrete aggregate. The TS3600, launched with great success in Europe at the end of 2006 and having recently generated a lot of interest in Australia, is a circular vibratory screen. The large-area screen box with 2 equally sized decks ensures maximum efficiency. The angle can be adjusted hydraulically, which is extremely useful in critical applications and with very fine material. This means that the screen box can be adjusted according to requirements - for coarse screening or fine material, depending on the vibration width. And no stone becomes stuck inside the TS3600, even in the case of coarse grain. Special screens featuring stainless steel or rubber, for example, are also available for materials that are difficult to screen.

The uniquely compact double-deck screen weighing only 15.5 tonnes can be transported without any special permits. The two side conveyor belts are simply moved into the transport position for this purpose. This feature means that the TS3600 can be moved from one gravel pit to another quickly and easily. The mobile screen with crawler gear is ready for action in 10 minutes. Operation is radio-controlled requiring just one person – just like all RUBBLE MASTER machines.

This way RUBBLE MASTER users are able to fulfil the necessary tasks and requirements on all job sites and in any surroundings cost-effectively, and use the outstanding quality to make a name for themselves.

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