Molasses Tanks and the Abolition of EU Milk Quotas



If you’re a dairy farmer, then the abolition of EU milk quotas next year is big news and the momentous event will restructure the face of European dairy farming. The rising costs of protein are triggering a re-think in the way in which cows are rationed and many farmers are now looking into alternatives that will enable feed costs to be kept under control and yet still allowing them to exploit the benefits of a high maize inclusion in the mix and the use of home-grown grain.

Soya prices hit their highest levels two years ago and many farmers were looking for an alternative and the most cost-effective source of protein. Switching to a high-protein, high-sugar molasses product is one way of getting protein into the diet of the herd. To store molasses, the use of a quality, industrial tank, storage tank, bulk tank, or dedicated molasses tank is imperative.

The Enduramaxx range of molasses tanks enable farmers to store molasses in optimum conditions. Manufactured in a quality UV stabilised polyethylene, the industrial tanks are available in sizes ranging from 1250 litres, through to 30,000 litres, ideal for farmers who intend to capitalise on the abolition of milk quotas and providing enough feed to their increased herds.

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