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August 2, 2013 -- The 2nd Global Moringa Meet 2013, an International Workshop on Moringa Agronomy Horticultural and oil Production, under the patronage of the BBA, will take place in Jaipur, India on November 21 & 22, 2013. Science and Horticulture for People, the theme of the workshop, emphasizes scientific components of successful Moringa farming and how it relates to scientists, producers, consumers and society at large.

2 days Scientific International Workshop on MORINGA

  • Trends and Characteristics of Current, New, and Future Moringa Cultivars around the World
  • Gremplasm, Genomic, Genetic Improvement & Propagation
  • Biology & Physiology: Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Orchard Design & Management
  • Moringa and Oil technology & Quality
  • Economy, Food supplement, Marketing & Personal care/ Health-promoting Properties

The Moringa oil industry is enjoying stronger-than-ever demand as consumption in food supplements, cosmetics and personal care applications continues to rise. While primarily used as a food supplements/ nutrition, research and development for new applications, even in other industries such as in pharmaceuticals and biofuels, continues to expand as consumer awareness of Moringa’s benefits become more apparent.

Moringa oleifera is one of the worlds wonder crop, packed with nutrients in all its plant parts, especially in leaves, pods, flowers, seeds and roots are traditionally used by people to prevent many diseases. Moringa seed oil is popularly referred as ‘ben oil’ which has cosmetic and edible values and also used as high value lubricants. Besides, moringa oil is evaluated and proved as one of the potential biodiesel resource. Moringa is an exceptionally nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of potential uses.

Moringa has attracted the attention of scientists across the globe for health management due to its high personal traits. Thus, it is emerging as future crop considering its wider adaptability and tolerance to many abioditic stresses. Accordingly it becomes essential to take stock of knowledge and develop a road map to harness its potential for the benefit of mankind. This 2nd Global Moringa World assumes much greater significance to understand the crop and devise a means to harness its potentiality. 2nd Global Moringa Meet – 2013 will have the unfolding of the latest status of Moringa farming to lucrative market of superfood/personal care/pharma and to develop new business avenues and also to strengthen the existing ones.

Moringa Meet 2013 will be a comprehensive brainstorming event for those would study the most updated Moringa culture and cultivation, quality control of the Moringa oil; the 2 day international workshop provides productive knowledge to those who would like to enter into lucrative business and develop the Moringa farms, Moringa Meet 2013 will provide precious opportunity to communicate the potential of the Moringa oil crop from Science to store

This, the 2 day Moringa International Workshop is only plate farm for Moringa stakeholders to keep themselves updated with the new scientific advances, in terms of genetics, agronomics and industrial processes in Moringa

To create, build and succeed in the growing world of Moringa one need complete and comprehensive knowledge of Plant Science, Plant Technology and Plant Economics and just registering yourself for 2nd Global Moringa Meet 2013 on November 21-22 at Jaipur, India, you can ensure the same as this is the only platform to understand & learn, to plan and execute, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Moringa

As seats are limited, [url=]register[/url] now. One can contact Coordinator Programme on M +91 9829423333 or mail to sign up for the event early and secure your place without delay

Coordinator (Programme)
Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel

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