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Movento(R) and Ultor(R) Insecticides Approved by Japan for Use on U.S. Crops Exported to Japan


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Following Extensive Safety Review, Japan Joins Long List of Countries and Regions With Established Import Tolerances for Key Insecticides

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - Bayer CropScience announced today that import tolerances (Maximum Residue Levels or MRLs) for its Movento® and Ultor® insecticides have been established on certain commodities intended for export to Japan, effective immediately. The recent announcement by Japan's Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare establishes MRLs for spirotetramat, the active ingredient in the Movento and Ultor brand insecticides. The regulatory approval and establishment of MRLs followed a comprehensive safety review by Japanese regulatory officials.

'We are thrilled that Japan has established the MRLs for commodities treated with Movento and Ultor,' said Kevin Adam, product manager for Bayer CropScience. 'Japan was the last major export market to give their go-ahead. This is tremendous news for growers of grapes, citrus and other label-approved crops who want to incorporate Movento and Ultor treatments into their integrated pest management programs on their crops bound for Japan.'

Movento and Ultor had already earned regulatory approval from the United States, European Union, Codex, Canada and Mexico with the establishment of MRLs by regional and national authorities there. A comprehensive list of established Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) can be found online at:

On October 15, 2010, Movento and Ultor received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a second time, giving U.S. growers back a sorely missed tool for the management of their toughest pests.

Crops listed on the product container labels for Movento and Ultor remain the same as under the prior registration, and include grapes, citrus, lettuce and apples, among others. For a complete list of approved crops, please refer to the most current product label.

Growers have come to depend on Movento and Ultor to protect their crops against a broad spectrum of damaging sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs, scales and many others.

The tremendous efficacy demonstrated by Movento and Ultor is based on its two-way transport within the plant. After application, Movento and Ultor move upward and downward through the plant tissue, ensuring even and continuous distribution and better overall protection of young shoots, leaves and roots. Movento and Ultor target sucking pests specifically, and have minimal impact on beneficial insects which makes them a good choice for use in an Integrated Pest Management Program.


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