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Moving biorationals from protected into field crops is the topic of discussion


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The demand for alternative crop protection products is growing across the agricultural and horticultural sectors due to pressure from retailers, and a loss of plant protection products.

At next week’s AAB IPM conference, (16 and 17 November) we’ll hear from Selchuk Kurtev, Certis’ IPM manager on how the use of biorational products is gaining traction across many sectors.

“Certis Europe has always made biorationals a key focus, recognising their potential is increasing with the recent losses of conventional chemical products.

“Historically, we’ve done a lot of work using biorationals within protected crops, and this knowledge and experience is helping with developing and establishing techniques for extrapolating biorational use into broad acre field crops and outdoor situations.

“For example, we’ve seen how the application of polysulfides (garlic extract) has been used successfully as a nematicide on field vegetable crops such as carrots and parsnips, on a commercial scale. As well as how ferric phosphate, a naturally occurring compound, is used as the active substance in slug pellets, which are now widely applied to arable crops.

“Compared to growing protected crops, what we have to remember is that we have less control on outdoor growing conditions compared to growing protected crops, which has to be taken into account when using biorationals. Therefore, we need to ensure we adapt our use of biorational products to the environmental conditions.

“With further product support and development, and an increased understanding about this approach, there is the opportunity to use these products wider than just protected crops,” he says.

Mr Kurtev will speak at the conference about the evolution of biorational products and the benefits of using these types of products, when used in the right conditions, across all agricultural sectors.

The AAB IPM conference will be held at the Ramada Resort, Lincolnshire on the 16 and 17 November 2016.

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