My Birds Pay Back on the Better in-House Climate


Source: DACS A/S

Marc Van Thournout owns a broiler breeder farm and a hatchery near Pittem, Belgium. Marc distributes day-old chicks to several broiler farmers in the Pittem area. Nearly all of Marc´s houses are now equipped with DACS ventilation. New broiler breeder house - In 2010 I was planning for an expansion of my operation and was searching for new and better production methods in order to increase animal welfare and overall profitability on my farm. I saw the DACS system at the VIV Europe show in Utrecht that same year and found the functionality and the quality of the system to be the best I had seen.

- I decided to install a system in my new broiler breeder house. The first birds were placed on the 1st of December 2010 and the system has been running flawlessly ever since, says Marc. The birds pay back Over a period of eight years Marc Van Thournout has equipped more of his existing houses with DACS ventilation and in 2019 the last two houses will follow. – Compared to my old systems with side wall inlets I see significant changes. Now I hardly see any floor eggs and my birds thrive no matter the time of year. The litter in the house stays dry and the constant flow of temperate air brings the best out of my birds. - I see this very clearly when I study my production results – the birds pay back on the better in-house climate provided by my DACS system. Because of the much easier and safer operation I can put all my focus on the birds and the hatchery, Marc concludes.

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