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New Aquaculture Regulations Will help Foster a Responsible & Sustainable Industry


OTTAWA -- The proposed new federal Aquaculture Activities Regulations, announced today (June 26, 2014), will strengthen environmental protection and facilitate a growing, responsible, and sustainable seafood farming industry said Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance.

'Canada has a unique opportunity to be a world leader in responsible   seafood farming,' said Ruth Salmon. 'These proposed regulations are a necessary step toward a healthy, vibrant and sustainable aquaculture future. We look forward to the next steps ahead and finalizing the new regulation as we believe it is important to reduce duplication and strengthen the solid regulatory framework already established in Canada.'

According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, aquaculture will account for two-thirds of the global seafood consumption by 2030. Demand for aquaculture raised fish will dramatically increase and, in the process, will become a vital source of jobs, nutritious food and economic opportunities in the future.

Few jurisdictions can match Canada's natural advantages when it comes to aquaculture — an enormous coastal geography, an abundance of cold, clean water, a favourable climate, a rich marine and fishery tradition, established trade routes to the United States,Asia and Europe, and a commitment to sustainable and responsible best practices.

Canada already produces some of the world's finest farmed salmon, trout, oysters, scallops, and mussels and enjoys the rural opportunities provided by the more than 14,000 high value full time, year round jobs provided by the sector.

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