New Bauer Group Dealer Meets Delta Region Demand for Low-Pressure, Efficient Irrigators


Source: Marketwire

Farmers are turning to low pressure booms on hose-reel irrigators to increase efficiencies. The Bauer Group's newest dealer in the Southern U.S., Scott Irrigation, meets the demand with the Rainstar A3 and T-Series models.  'Bauer's small, low-pressure irrigators are less expensive to run and less labor intensive,' says Jesse Fallin, vice president of Scott Irrigation, based in Delhi, La. 'Customers are also drawn to the Bauer reel irrigators for their compact size and affordability.'

Scott Irrigation services Louisiana, East Texas, Arkansas and portions of Missouri and Mississippi. Much of the region is historically dry during the summer growing season, but this year especially so. 'We went through a five-month long drought,' says Fallin. 'We were raising all of our crops on irrigated water.' Primary crops include corn, cotton, rice, hay, soybeans, and produce vegetables.

Bauer irrigation equipment specifics

When mounted on the optional steel boom cart, the Rainstar A3 produces a gentle precipitation that protects plants and soil. The unit weighs about 1,150 pounds dry, requires less pressure, and uses less water than its competitors.

Fallin also likes Bauer's new radial full-flow economy turbine TVR 20 with the unique Vario nozzle -- a power pack and energy saver in one. Extremely low pressure loss saves money, particularly when low and water-saving precipitation rates are applied. Maximum use of output is achieved by direct flow from the Vario nozzle onto the impeller. This ensures highest efficiency and minimum pressure loss with any flow rates.

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