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New Greenhouse for VandeWetering Greenhouses in Jamesport NY, USA


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In July VB Group started to replace part of the existing greenhouses and has built a modern and technologic advanced greenhouse complex for VandeWetering Greenhouses near New York.

VB Greenhouses, member of VB Group, started in June with the delivery and installation of all greenhouse materials. The greenhouse is intended for the production of young plants and cuttings. After completion VandeWetering operates a greenhouse complex of total 8 ha delivered and built by VB. The latest expansion is over 1 hectare and consists of a Venlo greenhouse with a warehouse facility. The greenhouse measures 5,50 m to the gutter, has a total of 7 ventilation sections and is glazed with fully tempered glass, whereas both the endwalls executed with 16 mm polycarbonate and the side gable with 60 mm sandwich panels. Also the greenhouse is equipped with a complete double screening installation with a black-out and an energy screen.

VB Climate, also member of VB Group, is supplying the complete climate installation for this project, which consists of a new boiler installation with condenser. In the boiler house the existing distributor is converted and made suitable for a new underground transport net. In the greenhouse per department 2 heating nets will be installed, a table heating and a monorail system. The complete greenhouse will also be provided with a snow heating system direct under the gutter.

The new project will be finished beginning fourth quarter 2013.

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