New John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper Maximizes Harvest Efficiency


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Innovative design speeds harvest, reduces labor and downtime while protecting yields
OLATHE, Kansas --

Cotton harvest on the High Plains is often a race against the elements. Fall weather can deteriorate quickly, reducing cotton yields, grades and grower profits. The revolutionary new CS690 Cotton Stripper from John Deere features an onboard module-building system that protects lint quality and enables growers to harvest faster, with less labor and other costs. In addition, the non-stop harvesting system significantly reduces potential downtime in the field while increasing operator comfort.

'Simply put, the CS690 helps cotton growers accomplish more in less time,' says Dave Mulder, senior product manager, John Deere Cotton Harvesting Solutions. 'High Plains growers can strip their crops and deliver the maximum amount of quality lint to the gin as quickly and efficiently as possible, while reducing labor, boll buggies and other related harvesting costs.'

Boosting performance, comfort

Building on the performance and reliability of the 7460 Cotton Stripper, John Deere has added more horsepower (500hp 13.5L engine with 30hp boost) to the CS690, giving it the ability to harvest in tough conditions while increasing productivity. Other key performance upgrades include up to more than 1,000 pounds-per-minute rated throughput of seed cotton; an 8 percent cleaner speed increase (up to 700 rpm); a 10 percent increase in cotton conveying fan capacity; pro-drive transmission; and full-time four-wheel drive.

General maintenance, service interval times, and diagnostics have also been improved. Engineers designed the CS690 to share subsystems and manufacturing processes with the 7760 Cotton Picker platform for faster diagnostics and easier service. Several other features were added that enable growers to gain more efficiency with these strippers, including:

  • Increased service-interval times
  • Hydraulic oil level indication
  • Self-cleaning rotary screen
  • Remote battery terminal access
  • Ease of serviceability
  • JDLink-Remote Service ADVISOR
  • Remote Display Access (GS3 required)


The new model is ergonomically designed and integrates the latest John Deere technology, including:

  • 7.5-inch color touch-screen CommandCenter™ display
  • Adjustable header speed
  • Adjustable cleaner speed
  • Updated corner post display
  • Camera observation system with programmable triggers
  • HarvestDoc™ Ready
  • Harvest Identification, Cotton™ compatible 
  • 360-degree beacon lighting
  • LED Lighting package

Adding it all up

'We are excited about being able to offer the latest in cotton harvesting performance and technology,' Mulder says. 'However, the most important thing for growers is how these features contribute to increased profitability. The CS690 reduces the cost of harvest while capturing the yield and minimizing loss.'

This new model can reduce labor costs by as much as 78 percent compared with the 7460. Growers can harvest more cotton per gallon of fuel, and operating costs per pound of lint can be reduced by 2 to 20 percent. Add in reduced maintenance and transportation costs, and the savings can add up quickly.

Producers can harvest their crop during optimum conditions and move the stripper quickly and easily from field to field. Faster harvest, combined with the proven round-module wrap system, helps maintain the lint moisture and quality. Less lint is lost in the field, at the gin and due to the weather.

Growers should note that John Deere has updated the headers for the CS690. These are the 600 series 606SH and 608SH headers, available in six- and eight-row configurations with 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-inch row spacings. The new 600 series headers feature a variable-speed, hydraulic-drive cross auger with reverser for smooth crop flow. The low-profile row units provide more than 97 percent stripping efficiency and offer improved harvest visibility for the operator. Manual RowSense guidance is available for hand-free steering to reduce operator fatigue.

'When a cotton crop is ready for stripping, it doesn't take long for it to start losing lint quality and yield potential,' Mulder says. 'Our new CS690 Cotton Stripper enables growers to harvest more quickly and efficiently, with less labor and other equipment needs, to make the most from every acre they worked so hard to produce.'

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