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New Merchandiser System for Weyerhaeuser/ Bruce, Mississippi


Source: Endurance Equipment, LLC.

Weyerhaeuser’s Bruce, Mississippi facility was in need of a new, High Speed Merchandising System. The old system had done its job but was experiencing unscheduled downtime and just couldn’t keep up with the mill’s new production requirements. After several presentations to the mill personnel, Weyerhaeuser contracted with Endurance to design and manufacture the new Merchandiser area.

The system was designed so that 90% of the new equipment could be installed without disrupting the existing production. After completion of the off line equipment install, a short shut down could be done to bring the new equipment on line. The new equipment included:

  • Replacement of the existing scan chain with a full length system so that only one scan zone could be utilized.
  • All electric overhead sweep kickers to sweep the stems from the scan chain.
  • Stem positioner with electric positioning gate.
  • Four vertical saw carriages.
  • An outfeed belt with defect drop out area.
  • A multilog unit to receive the merchandised logs, straighten them and gently lift them onto the new accumulation deck.

At this time the overall production is limited by the existing debarker capacity, but has room to increase with a new high speed debarker. The system is currently operating at 7 to 8 stems per minute consistently.

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