New Nitrogen Fertiliser and Fertiliser Storage Tanks



For the second year in a row, fertilizer prices remain high. With fertiliser constituting one of the industry’s biggest consumable expenses, it’s no wonder that it’s constantly monitored and forever debated. A new Koch Advanced Nitrogen product is said to be bringing potential savings to growers and it is claimed to be as effective as CAN, despite being made from urea. A spokesman for manufacturer, Advanced Fertilizers, explains that by using urea treated with urease inhibitor, the rapid breakdown that normally appears in urea-based fertilisers is slowed down. The product is a lot less expensive than CAN and the higher concentration means that there is less fertiliser to transport.

Types of liquid fertiliser can also take the financial burden off farmers, especially when bought in bulk and stored pre-mixed in dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks. Enduramaxx carries a wide range of liquid fertiliser tanks in sizes ranging from 150 to 30,000 litres. Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are made from a single piece of rotationally-moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene. Extremely robust, liquid fertiliser is stored safely and securely for when it is needed most throughout the growing season.

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