New Non Chemical Plant Growth Enhancer and Irrigation System Protector


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Agra-Tron .. modifies the scaling properties of water so that it keeps irrigation nozzles clear and enhances plant growth

New from Fluid Dynamics the Agra-Tron scale inhibitor and plant growth enhancer

Blockage of irrigation nozzels by Scale or Iron is a big problem in Irrigation systems .. this is generally caused by Calcium or Iron Oxide. Calcium does not only block nozzles it can also build up around the roots of a plant preventing water and salts getting into the plant. By Installing an Agra-Tron the water feeding the irrigation nozzles and the plant itself is treated in such a way that hard calcite scale does not form .. instead soft aragonite power forms that is quite permeable to water. Utilising a combination of Catalytic metals and Magnets the AgraTron comes with a 12 month performance warranty backed up by a 100% refund policy. This revolutionary technology has been described as follows ' present results have shown that irrigation with MTW can be considered as one of the most valuable of modern technologies that can assist in saving irrigation water and reducing salt accumulation in plants'

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