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Massachusetts-based integrator KC Enterprises is now using VTScada as the software component of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems they develop for the agriculture industry. These systems help farmers to reduce costs by automating irrigation based on weather forecasts and sensor readings from the soil and air.

SCADA systems use Human Machine Interface (HMI) software such as VTScada to collect data from remote monitoring and control devices via a communication network (typically radio). VTScada stores this information to an historical database and uses it to control various aspects of the physical process. Users interact with the system via a series of display pages.

Municipal utilities and manufacturers have used SCADA systems for years to monitor performance and control waste. KC Enterprises started using SCADA in the agriculture industry six years ago to help deal with a variety of specific issues.

Crop over watering - Over watering crops is expensive for farmers, taxes the local water supply and produces runoff which releases fertilizers and pesticides into the water table. These VTScada applications not only help to alleviate these problems, they also help to maximize crop yield by eliminating under watering.

Frost protection - SCADA systems also help to prevent frost damage by calculating wet bulb temperature; a combination of wind speed, air moisture and temperature. When the wet bulb temperature drops below a designated level, frost is considered to be imminent. Crops are then automatically watered creating a protective layer of ice around fruit that melts harmlessly once the frost has passed.

Paul Frink is an engineer with KC Enterprises. “What we like about VTScada is its scalability.” VTS includes an extensible scripting language that can be used to modify every aspect of an application, from simple user interface customizations to complex data-handling functions. “It is easier to use from a programming standpoint. This allows us to offer our customer more features and more value as time goes on. There are a lot of things we want to do in the future.”

KC Enterprises has created SCADA applications for over 70 farmers across Massachusetts serving national juice and wine producers.

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