New York City to Cut Greenhouse Gases 30% by 2030


Source: Environment News Service (ENS)

New York City Council today unanimously passed legislation to require the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the five boroughs.

The Climate Protection Act is intended to strengthen PlaNYC 2030, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to green New York, by putting the force of law behind its goal to reduce the city’s emission of greenhouse gases.

Emitted by the burning of coal, oil and gas, greenhouse gases trap the Sun's heat close to the Earth, raising the planetary temperature.

New York is by no means the largest city in the world, just roughly half the size of Shanghai with its 15.4 million people. But the effect of 8.1 million New Yorkers cutting their greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent over the next 23 years could help keep global emissions levels manageable.

The bill establishes benchmarks that the city must reach as it curbs its emissions, including a 30 percent reduction in emissions made by city operations by 2017 and a 30 percent reduction in emissions citywide by 2030.

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