NFU Cymru Reminds Farmers to Complete Harvest Survey – Molasses Tanks and Cone Bottom Tanks for Harvest



Farmers are being urged by NFU Cymru to complete a questionnaire about this years harvest. The Harvest Survey will contribute towards the first source of published data on UK crop production levels for this year. It also looks to get the full picture of the wheat crop by mid-September and the year’s harvest of major combinable crops to date by early October.

The Harvest Survey will also reflect on issues including the effect of the extreme weather on cereals and oilseeds and also the increased winter crop areas and decreased planting of spring crops. It will also provide data relating to the effect that difficult early conditions have had on crop disease pressure.

This years Harvest Survey can be completed online, so it’s very easy for farmers to contribute and of course, we will all benefit from the findings derived from the data. For more information visit

As the harvest continues, the demand for storage tanks increases too. The bumper apple harvest means that growers, farmers and cider makers look for cone bottom tanks. Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks enable for the drain off of sediment and store cider at optimum conditions, thanks to their single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene.

A by-product of many crops, in particular the beet crop, is molasses. Enduramaxx molasses tanks boast the same build quality of UV-stabilised polyethylene that protects the contents from spoiling. Available in capacities up to 25,000 litres, farmers can store molasses in bulk, making considerable cost savings.

For more information on Enduramaxx cone tanks and molasses tanks, as well as our range of vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks and rainwater tanks, get in touch now!

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