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Solar-powered Measurement Station

No power supply available but you need permanent flow measurement anyway?
- Now this is possible without any problems!

Introducing the NivuLog SunFlow, NIVUS has developed an independent and solar-powered flow measurement station with integrated data transmission via GPRS. The robust and compact enclosure contains all components needed such as solar panel, flow calculator, modem, charging control and rechargeable buffer batteries. This compact solution by NIVUS is unique in the world!

An optimized Doppler sensor connected to the system simultaneously detects flow velocity and level. The measurement place can be programmed by using the Device to Web Internet portal. This portal also features the data storage as well as calculation and indication of hourly, daily and monthly flow rates, hydrographs, statistics and much more. A wide range of sensors can be connected to the free configurable inputs additionally to accomplish more measurement tasks.

Thanks to being independent from mains power and variable sensor connection options, integrated alarm management, comprehensive methods for visualisation and calculation as well as the creation of monthly and yearly protocols, the system is particularly suited for decentralized flow measurement and flow monitoring in:
• stormwater tanks
• channel networks
• surface waters
• irrigation channels

and many more.

The NivuLog SunFlow represents a cost-efficient, compacte and comfortable alternative to the conventional control cabinet containing discrete transmitters, charging control, buffer batteries and solar panels.

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