Northern Ireland Farmers Warned Over CAP Claims – Fertiliser and Diesel Documentation Deadline



3,000 Northern Ireland Farmers were warned this week that they could lose payments from Europe if they don’t meet an impending deadline for paperwork, being the 3rd August. Farmers are required to prove that they are actively working their land to qualify for the money from the European Common Agricultural Policy.

Of the 27,000 farmers who applied for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in May, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, which validates the claims, is warning that the 3,000 farmers who have yet to send in their paperwork to support their claims could risk their claims not being passed.

Supporting documentation being sought by officials includes invoices and receipts of sale of animals, crops and for the purchase of fertiliser and diesel. The department does state that, where it is not possible to provide complete evidence, then farmers should submit what they have before the deadline and inform them when the rest of the accompanying information will be provided.

If your agricultural business has purchased storage tanks from Enduramaxx, including rainwater tanks, chemical tanks and all other processing and storage tanks, the initial sales invoices will be sufficient documentation to send to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. For more information on your sales documentation, please get in touch with Enduramaxx now.


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