Ökowatch to leading multinational companies: where do you stand on the environment, NGOs and development?


As multinational corporations continue to come under increased pressure from environmental organizations concerned about their commitment to the environment and sustainability, Ökowatch - a newly--launched German--based environmental watchdog group - sent a questionnaire to the leadership of global companies on the frontlines of the international environmental policy debate today. The questionnaire invites these leaders to relate their companies' policies regarding key social responsibility concerns, from poverty and ENGO activism to international trade and supply chain procurement. Furthermore, the questionnaire asks these corporate leaders how their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies affect emerging market economies and people in the developing world. To ensure that a complete picture of CSR policies worldwide will be captured, Ökowatch has sent its questionnaire to the CEOs and chief sustainability officers of leading global companies, including, among others, Cargill, Wal--Mart and Nestlé. According to Ökowatch, 'Our questionnaire puts the leadership of global agribusiness, food services and retail groups to the test, asking them questions that perhaps they have not thought about, or even questions that tend to be ignored. For example, 'Does your company expect NGOs that it cooperates with to adhere to ethical standards, namely, that the NGO will be transparent, will not fabricate claims and will take into account the needs of people from the developing world?'' As Ökowatch continues to investigate how poor policies can cause negative effects in both developed and developing countries, the advancement and human welfare of people and corporate bottom lines, this questionnaire will serve as a resource to reveal how corporate CSR policies actually affect the people and societies where many of these global businesses operate.

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