Only the best for the Captain’s Table


Source: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Captains’ Table Seafood Restaurant in Cleethorpes has become MSC certified. Fish and chip fans in the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding Lincolnshire area can now enjoy the finest MSC certified sustainable cod and haddock direct from the cool clear waters of Norway.

A wide, sustainable choice

Recent news that cod stocks are improving in the North Sea has been great news for fish and chip lovers, but they still need a way to easily identify sustainable fish to go with their chips. The fishermen who own The Captain’s Table knew their Barents Sea cod and haddock was sustainable but they wanted to be able to convince their customers of the same. All the cod and haddock used within the restaurant comes direct from company-owned state-of-the-art long-line fishing vessels.

With their fishing boats catching in a MSC certified sustainable and well-managed fishery, adding the MSC label to their fish was a logical step: “We’ve had the sustainability certification at sea for a while now, but the added traceability on the label for the menu is a real boost for our customers.” says Tracy George on behalf of Carisma (UK) Ltd, “It means you don’t have to take our word for it on the sustainability of our fish. It’s MSC certified as sustainable and we’ve got the label there to prove it.”

Toby Middleton, Senior UK Country Manager for the MSC said: “Very few seafood restaurants have the same connection to the individual boat as The Captain’s Table. However, with fish and chip lovers increasingly looking for an independent reassurance of sustainability, they have really taken the lead. By adding the MSC label to their menus, they are proving to that their fish is sustainably sourced.”

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