Our hot-off-the-presses catalog features new products


Source: Davis Instruments Corp.

Have you seen our newest weather catalog? It's a real beauty, if we do say so ourselves (and not just because some of those who work diligently on the E-Newsletter had a small hand in it)!

We always like to pack our catalog with all the information you might need about our products. This time we went even further, adding some pages to introduce new products and clarify how our sensors, transmitters, receivers and software work together.

We're very excited about our new products which include Envoy8X, the Integrated Pest Management Module for Grapes, and the not yet released Vantage Connect.

New Product: Envoy8X
Envoy8X looks quite a bit like its little brother, Weather Envoy. But inside, they are very different. Weather Envoy can 'listen' to the same number and combination of transmitting stations as your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue console. That means one ISS, one anemometer, etc. For many users who just want to free their console from the computer, that is perfect. But other users, especially agricultural users, wanted a device that could listen to more than one ISS or anemometer or Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture Station. Envoy8X, with 32 times the memory of Weather Envoy and its own software, can do just that. It can listen to any eight stations, in any combination. The software allows for the creation of massive databases (Access, MySQL or MS SQL) with a huge array of data from many sensors. It's a data-lover's dream come true.

New Product: Integrated Pest Management Module for Grapes
If you happen to be a grape grower, you'll love the Integrated Pest Management Module for Grapes. This WeatherLink add-on module gives grape growers a way to easily link their weather data with the risk of all known grape pests -- insects, diseases, and fungi -- to give them a powerful tool to mitigate pest damage. With loads of information on each pest, it gives a clear, color-coded risk assessment in real time, in the grower's own vineyard.

New Product: Vantage Connect
Finally, we included Vantage Connect, which should be available this spring. It is a long awaited solution for users with a very remote ISS installation. The Vantage Connect essentially 'phones home,' uploaded data, via cellular connection, from the station to WeatherLinkIP. Imagine being able to see and download the data from your vacation home 100 miles away with just a mouse click! There will also be a retrofit kit that will turn your existing console or Weather Envoy into a Vantage Connect.

New Feature: Case Stories
In this catalog, you'll see a new addition: people!

As our products become more powerful, more flexible, and more need-specific, building a system becomes a bit more complicated (and a lot more fun!). We've added a section of 'case studies' to help customers decide how to build a weather system. You might recognize yourself in one of the descriptions - after all, they were based on our actual users. While the users in this catalog are not real customers, we hope that in future issues we can use actual customers. (We assume you'll let us know if we should use you for one of our future case studies!)

You can check out the weather catalog online, or we'll mail you one. Just let us know! We'd love to hear what you think!

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