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Paddock cleaner is `dung deal` for Wessex


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Grazed paddocks need regular cleaning and if they are large a great deal of time and effort is expended picking up droppings. It all adds up throughout the year when time could be better spent on more productive tasks. There is an ideal solution in the Wessex Dung Beetle, a self-powered paddock cleaner which is versatile and quick and easy to hook onto a 50mm tow hitch on a quad, UTV, tractor or 4x4. Because it runs on its own four wheels there is no real weight on the drawbar, offering maximum stability. With the front wheels directly in line with the brush rotor the Dung Beetle follows ground contours and the bristles have a grooming action which helps encourage fresh growth of new grass.

The powerful sweeper has four banks of hard wearing polypropylene brushes that effortlessly propel the debris into the hopper. So not only does regular sweeping collect the droppings, brushing also clears dead grass and twigs, while spring tines rake through the grass to loosen stubborn muck. In these respects the paddock cleaner has the advantage over vacuum types of collector. Power comes from either a 5½ hp Loncin petrol engine, or there’s a PTO version, driving a rotor via twin belts with a centrifugal clutch allowing the operator to easily engage and disengage the brush.

When full, the hopper is simply emptied into a neat heap using a winch handle. The Wessex Dung Beetle offers a quick and efficient solution to maintaining paddocks, helping create a healthier environment for the animals and it’s proved popular with equestrian centres and stud farms, private horse owners, zoos and wildlife parks.

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