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Pessl Instruments - 30 Years Celebration - 10/11/2014


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New Headquarters Inauguration

10/11/2014 -- 30 years of evolution in remote monitoring and decision support systems

In November 2014, Pessl Instruments is turning 30! It have been 30 years of commitment to the development of reliable and cost-effective solutions for remote monitoring and decision support systems.

The creative solutions allow users from more than 80 countries to work more profitably and efficiently in many areas, and to save resources. We have reached the mark of 15.000 units installed and operating in diverse areas: from farming to landscape, irrigation management or water level monitoring, research institutions, governments, active insect monitoring, soccer stadiums… The examples are countless.

Alongside with the new headquarters inauguration in Weiz, distributors, customers and collaborators from all over the world have reunited for a celebration on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary. A workshop was conducted under the theme “Agriculture 2020 and beyond using existing and integrating upcoming technology for sustainable development and food security for the growing population”, on which current and future technologies for sustainable and profitable production were discussed.

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